PLA employs Tibetans into technical, professional ranks

In the midst of continuing border tensions with China in eastern Ladakh, reports have emerged that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is recruiting Tibetan civilians for “technical” and skilled positions in its ranks.
While China’s Western Theater Command did not comment on the development itself, but Chinese experts argued that the move was part of a routine recruitment strategy, the evaluations here indicate that the PLA is seeking to deploy local Tibetans after being constrained by the Indian Army’s mirror deployment in Ladakh.
The Tibetans being recruited are being absorbed into the posts of kitchen workers, drivers, supervisors, software technicians, spectrum monitors, and other roles, but they have been secretly combated for allegedly deploying the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the insurgency in India.
Reports attributing Chinese experts have argued that recruitment should not be hyped as applied to China-India border tensions.
Meanwhile, foreign Tibetan experts have said that China has adopted new recruitment policies, pushing thousands of Tibetans in the region into mass labour, through a militarized regime.
The militarised vocational training system is an effort to virtually destroy the Tibetan culture and dilute the Tibetan religion (negative impact of religion according to the Chinese government’s contention), eradicate their lands and herds, turn them into wage-labourers, and then use them as cannon for rebellion along with the Indian States and Union Territories such as Ladakh, China observers said.
While an estimated one million Uyghur Muslims are housed in detention camps and forced to serve as forced labour for cheap labour after being subjected to a range of subjugation measures, such as re-education under continuous surveillance, the Tibetans are being coerced differently, they said.
China has introduced the use of a grid system, in Tibet, disguised detention camps, according to which the ethnic group is divided into control parts, and data of individuals are captured in a military-style battle visualisation using maps and charts. The job process often includes propaganda against the population by subjecting them to “thinking education” to “educate and direct the unemployed to change their closed, conservative, and conventional way of thinking about work.”
The poverty alleviation programme mandates the growing use of military training programmes, such as the reformation of thought, re-education and teaching of Chinese language, and the teaching of communist ideology, in addition to combat drills.

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