CCP interference must stop, world must join ha ds to stop it

The report revealed many facts about the CCP’s deep penetration in India. But as a long-term researcher and reminder of CCP’s global penetration, I am not surprised by what CCP did in India. Let’s take a look at how severe the penetration of CCP is in very and South America. For example, parliament buildings in at least seven countries in Africa are built by CCP.

 These parliamentary facilities use operating systems and data systems provided by China. China’s control over them is obvious. This report is not only about the CCP’s infiltration in India. This report also drew a map of the footprint of the CCP’s global penetration. It is not only a wake-up call to the world about the CCP’s in-depth penetration of the entire world but also a prescription to solve the problem.

After reading this report, people will further understand in the process of China’s global penetration, how many media are introducing and praising China; how many scholars are using Chinese money to study and promote China; how many politicians are accepting China’s interests and obey China; how many film productions are controlled by China to delete content that China does not like; even some commercial brand companies had to delete advertising words because the CCP did not like them. Public opinion on our living environment is guided by the CCP.

China’s politics, economy, culture, education, military, and technology flood the living environment of our democratic countries. Why is this situation very dangerous and why is it unacceptable? Because behind all this is the tyranny of CCP terrorism. Its purpose is to control and plunder.  Many people should have felt that the more severe the penetration of CCP and the more increasingly fearful and restrictive in our environment which we live is. CCP uses bribery, profit transfer, coercion, corruption, intimidation, etc., to challenge and damage our freedom, democracy, human rights, constitutional government, and social environment and systems. CCP is an evil tyranny that combines fascism, terrorism, and communism. It is also the backstage of large and small terrorist regimes and groups in the world. The open alliance between the CCP and the Taliban is the CCP’s challenge to the United States and the free world. The entire free and democratic world must join forces to stop this momentum.
Ms. Sheng said that the CCP has committed numerous crimes against humanity and gave a few examples such as:  
1) The evilest crime in human history, living organ harvesting has been carried out in China for decades. Millions of people became victims.
2) Because of the cruel tyranny of the CCP, more than 150 Tibetans set themselves on fire in Tibet.
3) The CCP persecuted and assimilated Southern Mongolians with brutal violence, and now there are not many people who can speak Mongolian.
4) CCP has set up modern concentration camps in East Turkestan to imprison and persecute millions of Uyghurs and other local ethnic minorities. 
5) CCP’s suppression of journalists, writers, poets, democracy activists, human rights lawyers, dissidents, and anyone who dares to criticize CCP has been going on for more than 70 years. In recent years, this situation has become more serious. 

Further, Ms. Sheng added that the international community not only has nothing to do with the CCP’s serious crimes against humanity, but at the same time, it has helped the CCP grow and become a superpower. She has emphasized that China’s huge population is the CCP’s most powerful weapon.  All penetration of CCP is achieved through specific people. Under the tyranny of CCP, no one is free, and everyone is a tool of tyranny. Faced with this situation, democratic countries are very passive, because democratic countries uphold freedom, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, and must protect and support everyone’s freedom and rights. Therefore, to prevent CCP from being infiltrated and controlled, democratic countries need to work out feasible solutions. When the CCP virus has been raging around the world for nearly two years, more than 200 million people have been infected and more than 4 million people have died. I always believe that this is a war launched by CCP to the world, a biological war, and of course, there is no gunfire or gunpowder.

People have to understand that the relationship between India and China is not only a relationship between countries, but also a relationship between freedom, democracy, and tyranny.
Finally, Ms. Sheng emphasized that the democracies of the entire world should undoubtedly stand with India. However, in the past three decades, many countries have been helping China realize its dream of becoming a superpower nation—that is, the globalization of terrorism under the tyranny of the CCP. The democratic world should give more support to democratic India. Moreover, the contributions of the organizations like Law and Society Alliance should get more attention and support.

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